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This is probably the case … The majority of our customers were in this situation before doing business with Alfazone since those who host the sites are little or not accessible. In addition, they do not offer you the creation and upgrade services and do not provide the technical support you need.

Indeed, most hosts (companies that host sites) are not interested in updating and often do not have staff to do it. They charge once or twice a year …. That’s when you hear from them, do not you? Take advantage of Alfazone’s unique and continuous update service.At Alfazone, we update them less than 48 hours after they were sent to us – it’s GUARANTEED !!!

Price changes, new promotions, changes of address, e-mail, staff members, hours of operation, links to other sites, photos, images or video … The continuous updating of Alfazone.

Without any intermediary, your call, your e-mail or your fax is received by the author of your site who knows him and who understands immediately the corrections to make.

Check the price you charge your current host. You probably pay too much and do not benefit from the continuous update service of Alfazone !!!

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