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The Pros and Cons of Working in a Co-working Space

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Are you thinking of founding a startup company? What kind of office space you are thinking to acquire? The most probable answer to the questions is that you are thinking of acquiring a flexible office space for your startup. The research has shown that due to the crunch of office spaces and the financial reasons, the square footage of shared office space has grown at a rate of 22% over the previous seven years. Though, it is best if you make the decision of renting the Toronto shared office space after considering the pros and cons of such spaces.

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Flexibility: You can choose how many days a month you want to work in a co-working space. Though some of the spaces only operate on a full month scheme. It is pocket-friendly just to rent the days that you actually want to work in the office.

Community and complementary skills: In many co-working spaces, you can meet like-minded people who have mad skills on the subjects that are important to your company. You can also build your client list in the shared space just by being valuable to somebody else. If you want some sound advice on this, call Toronto shared office space for more information.

Structure: One of the major drawbacks of working from home is the lack of structure. The zeal to work means nothing, if you spend your entire day watching TV series or organizing your closet. Going to an office makes you accountable, and provides a routine which in turn helps you to get the work done.

Inspiration: You can find inspirations easily if the shared working space matches your style of work. The people of the co-working space can act as a stimulus to you and might make you creative juice flowing.

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Lack of Privacy: The biggest problem of Toronto shared office space is that it does not provide the privacy that you need. The open rooms can be noisy which can distract you easily. If you have to attend a lot of calls for your work, make sure to check whether space offers phone booths or private corners for the conversation.

Competition under the Same Roof: You can meet a lot of people who are working in the same field as you are in the Toronto shared office space. This can create a problem for your business. Sometimes you might be able to collaborate with the competitors, but in most of the cases, some uncomfortable moment can be experienced.

Personality Conflict: As there are many people works in the same space, personality conflicts are almost inevitable. As there is no HR department to solve the issue, you need to be mature and solve the issues yourself.

Some Events Might Be distracting: If you are working on something that needs undivided attention then Toronto shared office space can pose a problem to you. Though events and fun activities are welcome, it can hamper the work that you are doing. You must think twice before availing the shared space if your work demands focus.

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