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What Is A Better Investment Now: Gold or Silver?

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Investors always try to focus on two important precious metals, i.e. gold and silver. These two metals are a good choice for investment. As a result, in order to expand the investment portfolio, many investors are allocating their money to buy gold bars or coins and silver bars.  Although the choice of precious metals is not limited to gold or silver, some investors even invests on platinum. However, the number of platinum investors is very few.

Should You Go For Gold Or Silver?

The choice to invest in gold or silver is totally one’s personal choice. However, sometimes investment in gold is considered to be better than silver and vice versa.

Usually, the global hoarding of gold is more than silver. Hence, the volatility level gets reduced. This, in turn, stabilizes the value of the asset. Taking a look into some statistics, it could be seen that gold was considered to be a better investment than silver, during the year 2006-2008. In fact, gold investors gained around 10%; whereas silver investors lost around 20%.

Similarly, from November 2008 – May 2011, silver performed better than gold. So, in case anyone buy gold during that time have made a big blunder. Currently, with the demand of gold is on the rise, gold investment is considered to be a better option.

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Action of Investors

Shrewd investors always remain interested in risk-adjusted returns. This means investors usually expects to get higher returns when they take high risk. However, if one goes through the market scenario, it can be seen that silver offers a high volatility level. Thus, it isn’t wrong for an investor to look out for high-risk adjusted returns from silver.

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No Certainty

Financial gurus might have come up with many claims. However, one won’t be able to bring out exactly what the future holds. Maybe a few years later, gold would be considered for as a better option for risk adjusted investment. Then more number of investors will eagerly buy gold bars or coins.

Why This Assumption?

Many industry gurus come up with the question that why gold is being considered to be a better risk investment. You will need to go through the rest of the blog.

Status as a Currency

One argument that has been placed by the experts is that gold can be considered as an alternative currency to fiat currencies.  This argument is not possible with silver.

Industrial Usebuy gold bars

Although silver is used for many industrial purposes. But its usage is going to slow down in the near future.

Central Banks

Many centralized banks of Asia and Russia are likely to buy gold and not silver.


Although silver outruns gold when speculations run among metal investors. In the near future risky investment on precious metals would remain low-key. So gold would remain the next choice for investment.

New Production

Unlike silver, the production of gold is likely to remain in line as per the global demand. Hence, investors can buy gold and use it as their safe heaven during inflation.

Going through the above mentioned facts, it can be said that the investment in gold is always a better option than silver. Before making investment, studying the market is very crucial. Here are more tips on buying and investing in gold!

Why Should Your Company Hire an Outsourced accounting Service?

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Are you looking for ways that can help your business to grow? If your answer is yes, one of the best ways to outsource important business functions. Outsourcing business functions can help an organization to easily focus on their core business functions and have complete peace of mind. This is because outsourced accounting services will be performed by professional and get rid of the hassle of accounting or bookkeeping task.

Outsourcing is not a new concept. Previously, big brands used to outsource only bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and other services to third-parties. However, with the competition increasing, even small-scale businesses have also started to outsource important business functions.

Outsourcing has made it easy for organizations to avail financial automation solutions. If you are wondering about the probable benefits of outsourcing accounting functions, you will need to go through the rest of the blog.

outsourced accounting

Save Money and Reduce Overhead

Usually, businesses need to spend 2-4% of their revenue in hiring and training their staff for handling accounting task. While the cost may seem to be very little, outsourcing accounting can cut down the overhead cost. Well, with outsourced accounting services; you can easily cut down expenses related to employee salary, benefits, buying accounting software and so on.

Save Time and Improved Efficiency

When your in-house staff needs to spend less time in maintaining accounts or overseeing payroll, a business would be able to save a lot of valuable time. The time saved can be used in managing and growing a business. In fact, when a business gets a chance to focus on their business goal, it can bring in growth.

Automate and Reduce Paper

When you are outsourcing accounting services, you can easily decrease the amount of carbon footprint. Also, it can help a business to contribute their bit in saving paper. When you have to manage less amount of paper it can help you to save a lot of space.

Access to Experts

When a business performs accounting task on their own, there is a chance that the person performing accounting task is not an expert. However, when you are outsourcing your accounting services, you will have access to a team of skilled accountants. Having wide years of experience in this field, the accountants will keep the books up-to-date.

Save Technology Cost

When you are investing your money in outsourcing services, you don’t need to buy any software for doing the accounting task. The service provider you are hiring has all the necessary tools and will use it while handling your books.

Lowers Down Risk

Businesses face huge losses every year when an employee steals some money and make wrong reports. Keeping a strong check on the employees is not possible. Also, blaming an employee can affect company morale. However, when you are outsourcing accounting functions, business owners can remain stress free as expert accountants will handle the task.

Last but not the least, outsourced accounting services can offer you complete peace of mind. With maintenance of timely records can help businesses to avoid penalties. This, in turn, can help a business to remain in the good books and easily focus on their business growth.


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